Given the overwhelming number of cosmetic procedures available today, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually worth your time and of course, hard-earned dollars. With that, Life & Style spoke with Dr. Will Kirby, Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, to discuss perhaps the most hot-button option of all — Botox!

“While it’s well established that moderate doses of neuromodulators (like Botox and Xeomin) very quickly minimize the appearance of existing wrinkles, using tiny injection amounts, even in patients without overt facial wrinkles, has been proven to help prevent wrinkles from getting worse or even ever developing at all,” Dr. Kirby detailed. “Point being, small amounts work well and the patient population seeking injections gets younger and younger every year!”

“There are multiple neuromodulators that can be injected to minimize unwanted wrinkles,” Dr. Kirby continued. “They are extremely popular this time of year so you’ll look youthful and regressed during the holidays and at New Year’s!” The best part? It’s not as painful as you’d think! “The injections are done with tiny needles so they barely hurt,” The longtime reality TV personality assured.

When the results are as transformative as this, what’s a little pinch? “In some cases, unwanted wrinkles can disappear completely, but the typical patient goal is to smoother skin, more relaxed facial expressions and more youthful facial lines,” Dr. Kirby said.

As for how often you’ll need to receive injections, Dr. Kirby explained that typically, results last between two and three and a half months. However, in some patients, it could last longer. “The treatment is exceedingly safe,” the Dr. 90210 alum added, “Just a little discomfort and possible bruising are the side effects.”

Whether you’re thinking of gifting someone Botox or ~going under the needle~ yourself, LaserAway has a whopping 55 locations in most major cities, including NYC and L.A. They also have locations opening up in Chicago and Tucson, Arizona, soon!