The Duggars and the Kardashians Are More Eerily Alike Than You Think

When it comes to big reality TV families, nothing tops the Duggars and the Kardashians. The two crews have been crowding our TV screens for more than a decade, and regardless if you watch their shows or not, you probably know everything about them. Most fans see them as polar opposites, with one being a super conservative family that won’t even allow their daughters to wear pants and the other being a fame-obsessed family that initially gained notoriety thanks to a sex tape. In fact, it’s probably for that reason that people like to humor themselves with hypothetical questions like, “Would you want your kid to end up like a Kardashian or a Duggar?” But honestly, does it really matter? When you think about it, are the Duggars and the Kardashians really all that different from each other? Because they’re really not.

Before you clutch your pearls, hear us out for a second. Both families are on reality TV, both can’t seem to stop having children, they both have ridiculous names that begin with one letter, they’re both pretty much famous for no real reason at all — should we go on? Oh, and let’s not forget that everyone has an opinion on them. Sure they dress different and have opposite beliefs, but when you look at the blueprint of the two families, they’re pretty much the same. Below, 10 reasons why that prove this theory to be true.