Clearly, Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, have no problem keeping the spark alive! The Inamorata founder, 28, took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, September 29, to share an intimate selfie with her beau in bed. 

While EmRata opted not to include a caption, she did place a cute heart emoji over the snapshot of the pair having a lazy day. To be honest, we’re still a bit disappointed that Emily and Sebastian’s furbaby, Colombo, wasn’t snuggled up between them.

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in bed
Courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

After all, their pup is easily one of the most precious pets in Hollywood … and Emily isn’t afraid to brag about it! “Oh my God, everything! Like his face in the morning, his paws, they’re so beautiful!” the longtime model told Life & Style exclusively of what she loves most about her doggo.

Emily and Sebastian, 32, are so in love with Colombo, in fact, that they affectionately refer to him as their child. “Everyone out here having babies — [Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, Amy Schumer] — but we got a new, special guy ourselves. It’s a boy! Meet Colombo,” EmRata captioned her first-ever pet post in May.

Question is, do Emily and Sebastian have plans to grow their family with, er, an actual baby? “I don’t think so,” she previously told Life & Style. “A dog feels like enough for now.” We hear that, girl.

Given EmRata’s ever-growing brand, it’s entirely understandable that pregnancy isn’t on her mind right now. Earlier this year, she went from strictly designing swimsuits to unveiling a new line of bodywear — including tops, skirts, pants, dresses and more.

“I love a bodysuit with jeans obviously and a blazer is always the best — the most comfortable,” Emily expressed to Life & Style at the time. “For styling it up, we have some rompers that I love with a slide heel and big earrings and a belt.” As for her ultimate style inspiration? “Kinda going ‘80s. That’s my go-to. Trying to be Princess Diana at every turn,” she gushed.

Needless to say, Colombo’s mama has great taste!

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