We're not sure if we're buying this one…

Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski recently chatted with the New York Times and said that her workout regime is pretty much non-existent. The 24-year-old claims that she stays away from the gym and maintains her killer body by going on walks. Um, can we have her genes?

"I don’t have a trainer, and I don’t really go to the gym," she said "I go on long walks and hikes with my girlfriends. That’s about it. I’m just not a crazy fitness person. I’m definitely an outlier in the industry."

You can say that again!

The starlet did say that diet is important to her, which makes sense. We probably would have passed out if she said she ate fatty foods all the time and still had that body.

"For me, it’s about feeling good about what you eat. I do love turmeric and beet juices. It’s so L.A., you can’t avoid it," she explained.

Click through the gallery to photos of her that will make you sick with envy. And remember, this girl doesn't have to work too hard to look like that. Barf.