Never underestimate the power of K-Pop! On June 4, a mysterious profile popped up on Instagram with the handle @zkdlin, and fans quickly wonered if perhaps EXO singer Kai (real name Kim Jong-in) had finally returned to the platform after deleting his account three years ago. Well, it was him alright, and he was back with a vengeance! Within 17 hours, he seemingly quickly eclipsed Kylie Jenner's infamous record for getting the most followers in the first 10 hours on the platform!

Fans knew that Kai's account was the real deal when fellow EXO member Chanyeol followed the account and left a comment on the first photo that said, "you have finally started," which was spotted by Soompi. One of the band's managers also commented "again," and one of the group's hairstylists also followed the account.

Fans were beyond thrilled to see Kai back online, and celebrated using the hashtag #KaiOnInstagram. Many of them thought it was hilarious that he didn't even bother to add a profile photo or bio to the account, and yet the followers continued flooding in. After 17 hours live, the account had already gathered a whopping one million followers. Prior to today, Kylie held the record for most followers in the first 10 hours with 806k followers, and Cristiano Ronaldo was right behind her with 650k in the same time. The record for fastest to 1 million is Pope Francis, who hit six figures in 12 hours in 2016. While Kai is already at 1 million, it's unclear if he got there in under 12 hours. We have reached out to Instagram for confirmation.

"In less than 15 hours, breaking the Kylie Jenner and Pope record. Also only 2 post and without a profile picture. That’s our Gucci boy for you," said one proud fan. Another said "she sure knows how to lose, respect to her," with a screenshot from an old post of Kylie's saying "Kim is a legend." Of course, she was referring to her siser Kim Kardashian, but fans think it was too funny not to share. Congrats, Kai!