Get ready to fall even more in love with Justin Timberlake and Aaron Paul.

The two stars have something in common this week: they took part in two separate fan proposals.

During his concert in Louisville, Ky., Justin stopped the show to introduce a couple, who were in the front row at the KFC Yum centre.

"Guys, say hello to Josh! Who do you have with you?" Justin asked. "This is Josh and Kim. Why don't y'all make your way over here."

Naturally, Josh and Kim were shocked as they went up on stage. But Kim didn't know that Josh contacted JT's people and asked if he could pop the big question to her in front of everyone.

The Grammy Award-winning singer stepped out of the way to allow the nervous boyfriend to get down on bended knee. Kim said yes as the audience cheered.

Justin even took it upon himself to share the moment on his Twitter account after the show.

As for Paul, he did something a little different.

Jason Lord proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Jackie Prater, on Dec. 15 and really gave her a proposal to remember.

The video explains that one of their first dates included a drunken duet to Mr. Big's "To Be With You."

The song became a big inside joke for the duo, so Lord asked a few friends to put together a band and help him sing the early 1990s hair band hit to Prater.

Prater had no idea what was about to happen next. Lord won a personalized video from the Breaking Bad star Prater's favorite actor after he donated money to Aaron's wife's charity.

Once the group finished their performance, the actor appeared on the big screen to cue Lord's proposal!

"Hi, Jackie. I hope all is well in Chicago. I just wanted to send you a message on behalf of my good friend Jason, I think you know him, who I understand has a very important question to ask you," said Jesse Pinkman himself.

Lord then got down on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?"

After she said yes, Paul joked at the end, "Ooh I hope you said yes! If you didn't, it'd be pretty awkward for everyone involved."

"Good luck to you two," he added. "I couldn't be happier for you."

Justin and Aaron aren't the only stars who have made a few fan proposal dreams come true. Check out the other Hollywood guys who came before 'em:


After Matt Hulbert donated to Zach's Kickstarter campaign for a new film project, he asked the former Scrubs star for a favor in return.

The pair filmed a video proposal for Hulbert's girlfriend, Janice.

What they came up with is pure genius. And, of course, she said yes.


The rocker made dreams come true during a concert in Poland in June.

He spotted a sign in the front row, which read "I have the ring in my pocket, I brought our families, if you play 'Never Say Goodbye,' then I'll ask her to marry me."

The rocker happily obliged and performed an acoustic version of the song. The man got down on bended knee and asked his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

"Congratulations," Bon Jovi said after finishing the song. "Good luck!"


In June 2012, the How I Met Your Mother star invited Erin Evans, who won a radio competition, and her partner, Stephen Lawlor, on stage during the Irish premiere of his flick The Five-Year Engagement.

Lawlor then surprised Evans with a marriage proposal in front of a cheering audience.

After she accepted, Jason said, "Now you're gonna have to pay to see the movie!" Fast forward to the 2:15 mark.


Tom appeared on a Portuguese television network to ask a woman to marry her cameraman boyfriend, Joao Martins, in 2004. Martins filmed the actor while covering The Last Samurai's Spanish premiere.

"Sonia, you have to marry Joao. Please marry Joao," the A-Lister pleaded. "He is crying behind the camera."

She immediately agreed, and the action star even joked that they should name their kids after him!