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Rob Kardashian, Sam Smith, and More Famous Guys With Major Weight Loss Transformations

With female stars like Rebel Wilson and Adele making moves to be healthier, it’s no wonder why we’re so quick to associate women in Hollywood with weight loss transformations. However, we tend to forget that famous guys go through drastic body changes too.

Case in point? Back in 2013, Rob Kardashian gained over 100 pounds while struggling with depression. He was also diagnosed with diabetes at one point, but after he started dating Blac Chyna, he shed a lot of weight through dieting and exercise.

rob kardashian weight

(Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram)

After a successful 50-pound weight loss, the reality star shared a before and after pic of his progress on Instagram, captioning the photo: “Still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose but glad I’m getting better.”

However, late in 2016 (while he and Blac Chyna were going through a rough patch), he actually gained back the weight. And while he and Chyna seem to be on better terms now, he has been keeping his distance from the spotlight.

The TV personality is just one of many male stars who’ve dealt with weight fluctuations. Celebs like Sam Smith managed to drop a solid 42 pounds by simply eating less while others, like former American Idol judge Randy Jackson, resorted to gastric bypass surgery.

“It’s not easy, and it’s a continued struggle. It can happen to anybody. It happened to me, no matter how much money, no matter what I do, I’m still just like you.'” he said.

Regardless of age or gender, maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult for anyone. However, it’s still pretty inspiring to see how far these male celebs have come on their weight loss journeys!

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