Are you drooling yet? As an accomplished cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen is always whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, but she recently totally outdid herself. The former model took to Instagram to show off a recent dish she put together. One eagle-eyed fan called her out when they noticed that she put the pan on the floor to snap the pic. Why? Because do it for the ‘gram, that’s why.

In the photo that looked almost too pretty to eat, Chrissy previewed her scallop linguini casino. This dish has been crowned in the top three most popular recipes from her second cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More, and we can see why. The cast iron dish was filled with creamy pasta, garlic breadcrumbs, and perfectly seared scallops.

Chrissy Teigen Instagram comment about putting the pan on the floor


While most of us were fixated on the yumminess inside the pan, one fan noticed the background looked familiar. The person commented, “Did you put the pan on the floor?” Always relatable, Chrissy quipped, “Yeah it has the best light hahaha.” Well, we can’t blame her, the photo looked fab. Honestly, most of us have probably done worse to snap that perfect social media pic.

John Legend obviously doesn’t care where the pan goes, as long as he gets a helping. He commented, “Johnny tested. Johnny approved,” on the photo. One thing we can be sure about is that John probably never gets hungry at home.

In fact, Chrissy has even admitted to sabotaging his workout regime. “He can’t work out while I’m awake because I’ll stop him,” she said during an interview with Elle magazine. “I’m just bitter. Seeing your husband get fit while you’ve got your post-baby body, I’m like, ‘F–k you, take a day off!'”

Hmmm…go to the gym or stay at Chrissy’s house and eat scallop linguini casino? Sounds like a no-brainer.

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