Everyone has their off-days! Pop star Fergie has become the center of ridicule after a video of her performance of the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game on Saturday, Feb. 18 started circulating and generating buzz for all the wrong reasons. Fergie opted with a more jazzed up version of "The Star-Spangled Banner," but it didn't come across like a jazz tune — instead it sounded awkward and it got her a ton of backlash online, so much that she had to issue an apology.

"I've always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I'm a risk taker artistically, but clearly, this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best," the 42-year-old said in a statement to TMZ.

Twitter users shared GIFs of reactions of the players who listened to Fergie as she sang her own rendition of the anthem, and other celebrities chimed in — and even actress Roseanne Barr poked fun at Fergie with a mean joke. "Who saw Fergie's national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game? I think mine was better lowkey," the Roseanne star tweeted. Other fans chimed in, with one writing: "That anthem made @Fergie go from fergalicious to fergatrocious." Another fan wrote, "OMG. Nails on a chalkboard…#fergie. One of the worst renditions I've ever heard."

But others came to her defense, including Piers Morgan. "Good for you @Fergie — life's about taking risks [and] trying something different," he tweeted. "You took a big gamble [and] it didn't come off, but I admire you for trying. So many dullards in the world that love to mock risk-takers but would never dream of taking a risk themselves."

Another celebrity who came to Fergie's defense was Mariah Carey. The iconic songstress ran into TMZ cameras shortly after Fergie's performance went viral for all the wrong reasons. When she was asked if she had any advice to Fergie on how to deal with all of the criticism and haters online, the pop diva said, "Darling, nobody needs to listen to that!"