Kyle Richards looks better than ever thanks to a recent change in her diet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star spilled her slimdown secret in the new issue of Life & Styleon newsstands now.

“I eat almost no sugar,” the petite mom of four, who turns 45 on Jan. 11, tells the mag.

She has always struggled to stay trim, but cutting out sugar — and carbs that turn into sugar — helped her finally achieve the body she has always wanted.

“I’ve lost about 7 pounds since last season,” the reality star tells Life & Style.

“I’m only 5-foot-2, with big boobs and a butt, so it shows! I feel confident about my body now. I don’t hide behind a towel in a bathing suit.”

“The key to weight loss is keeping insulin low by avoiding hidden sugars,” says diet guru Jorge Cruise, author of Happy Hormones, Slim Belly.

And it’s easier than you think: On his plan, The 100, dieters eat a max of 100 sugar calories per day, calculated by multiplying the grams of carbs in a food item by four. 

“You only count sugar on this plan — no need to track protein or fat — and can lose up to 18 pounds in two weeks!” says Cruise.

For more, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.