Step aside Tarek and Christina! There's a new house flipping couple in town and their names are Anita and Ken Corsini.

The Georgia natives are the new hosts of Flip or Flop: Atlanta and have been in the home remodeling business together for over 12 years. Married for 17 years, the couple, who are also the co-founders of Red Barn Homes, admit they are having a blast on the show.

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"When you have kids and you're working, everything's day-to-day, but doing the show really added a fun spark," Anita told ET. "We genuinely love each other and have fun together, so it was really a fun opportunity for us as a couple to be able to embark on this."

Last year, Flip or Flop OGs Tarek and Christina El Moussa filed for divorce after seven years of marriage and two kids. However, Anita and Ken are not worried about following in their footsteps.

"To be honest, it's never been a concern. We take our marriage very seriously," Ken said. "We're very intentional about keeping a healthy marriage and staying close to each other and having a really tight-knit family. I don't believe that the show is going to change that." Anita agreed, "Our marriage is first, always."

So what else should you know about Anita and Ken before their debut? Keep reading to find out!

Anita was a former math teacher.

Before jumping into real estate, Anita taught numbers in high school. After starting a family together, she decided to join her husband in what is now the family business. However, she still loves math and shared a selfie with her daughter before going to see the movie Hidden Figures. "I might have snuck this little nugget out of school today to go see Hidden Figures with me," she wrote. "A movie about women mathematicians, starring one of my favorites, Taraji P Henson, yes, please!!!! And, of course, I loved knowing all the nerdy math talk."

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The couple has three kids.

Anita and Ken are parents to daughter Naomi, 9, and six-year-old twins Rocco and Kayla. The kids routinely help their parents on set — so keep your eyes peeled for some cute cameos.

Anita and Ken starred in another HGTV show before Flip or Flop.

Before joining the established franchise, the couple was the star of Flipping the South, which aired last May. After it was picked up for a full season, the network decided to rename it.

Meet Rylie — the real star of Flip or Flop: Atlanta!

Anita and Ken also have a pup named Rylie, who will definitely be getting some screen time on HGTV. "My girls won't wear bows in their hair but the pup will," Anita captioned the adorable doggy pic. "Go figure. Meet Rylie, the REAL star of Flip or Flop Atlanta!"

Anita can bake a mean apple pie.

According to her hubby, Anita has been baking her signature pie for his birthday for 17 years straight. Now that is commitment.

Be sure to tune into Flip or Flip: Atlanta when it premieres Thursday, July 20, at 9 p.m. EST on HGTV.