Season 1 of Floribama Shore just wrapped on Monday, Jan. 8…and, TBH, we’re already having withdrawals. While we anxiously wait for the hit reality show to return to our small screens — MTV just announced it’s coming back for a second season! — we can at least keep up with our favorite Panama City Beach roommates via social media. And, speaking of which, it’s time we talk about the visual blessings that are the Instagram accounts of series stars Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni.

If you follow the two hunky gym enthusiasts, you know that they love to post sizzling shirtless snaps. And, obvi, we’re double-tapping. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Gus and Jeremiah opened up about how they maintain their thirst trap-worthy physiques. According to the hard-muscled duo, it was important to stay in shape during their summer of partying in the Florida Panhandle.

“It was hard staying in shape while filming that show. It was extremely difficult. Like, if you noticed, when I first got into the house, I was in a lot better shape than I was in toward the end of the season. It was hard to stay on track because back at home, I work out an hour and a half to two hours every day,” Gus said. “And I always do some kind of cardio. But going into filming the show, obviously we can’t do that. And I never got to do cardio. And I’m one of those people that gains weight really fast if I don’t stay on top of it. I gained, like, 10 pounds while we were filming.”

Though Gus gained a bit of unwanted weight while filming the show, Jeremiah told Life & Style that he actually packed on a few pounds of muscle. “I was eating a lot better than I was at home. Most of the time, I’m always pinching pennies because I love saving money,” the Florida native said. “But going into the house, we didn’t have a limit on groceries so we always had great food and I put 10 pounds of muscle on while I was at the house.”

Despite their opposite metabolisms, Gus (who has since shed those pesky 10 pounds) and Jeremiah are both incredibly dedicated to fitness. In fact, they were able to bond over their shared love of exercise. “We were the only ones in the house who were into fitness and went to the gym. So all of those gym sessions that we actually did, it was just me and Jeremiah. And we’d go to the gym and we’d talk for hours,” Gus gushed of their bromance. “It was just us two away from the house, so that brought us closer together.”

During their gym sessions at the shore — which the boys were able to sneak in about four times a week — they were able to pick up tips from each other. Gus, who loves working out his back, reminded Jeremiah how beneficial lat pulldowns are — “He motivated me to do those again!” — and Jeremiah, a stickler for good posture, showed Gus how to maintain better form during heavy lifting. “We definitely helped each other out,” said Gus.

Of course, the guys — who clock in multiple hours at the gym daily (when they’re not filming Floribama Shore) — sweat it out for the sake of their health. However, they confessed to Life & Style that they are also proud of the physical transformations they’ve made. Believe it or not, the sexy twosome weren’t always the definition of #bodygoals.

“I had always played sports in high school, but I was always one of the chunkier kids. When I graduated high school, I was 220 pounds,” Gus, who now works as a cover model for romance novels, shared. “There was some muscle there, but there was definitely a lot of fat as well. And I think I was 19 or 20 when I had just broken off a longterm relationship. I started to date around and I was like, ‘Well, dang, I’m never gonna get the girls I want if I’m not in shape.’ So that pushed me to get in shape. I knew I needed to start taking care of myself. So, ultimately, that was kind of the reason I got into the mindset of taking my health seriously. And ever since then, I’ve never really looked back. Now I weigh 175 pounds.”

Jeremiah revealed that he was heavier as a child — and then thinned out before falling in love with sculpting his frame. “I was a really chunky kid when I was younger,” he said. “And then when I was 12, I hit a growth spurt and got really tall and long and lanky.”

These days, Gus and Jeremiah love to flaunt the fruits of their labor — and told Life & Style the secret to their hot AF Instagram pics. “Everybody loves it if you’re in shape, and you need to show it off a little bit even if it is a little douchey,” Gus said with a laugh. “You’ve gotta have that smirk with it, too — not overly confident, but you’ve gotta be able to tell that you know what you got and you’re working it, you know? You have to be confident.”

Added Jeremiah, “You need to pull your shoulders back because it makes all the muscles stick out even more. And when I set my arms up against my side, it makes my arms actually look bigger. So posture, for sure. And then you always gotta show off the abs!”

Watch the video below to see how the cast of the show's predecessor, Jersey Shore, has changed over the years!