We quickly fell in love with Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant — who joined the MTV reality series while she was going through a divorce following three years of marriage. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the reality star opened up about her current relationship with her ex, and it sounds like things are still pretty nasty.

"He still has debt that he's trying to screw me over with. We have some legal issues going on, but we're legally divorced," Nilsa explained over the phone. "It was in our separation agreement that he had to pay off some credit cards, and I'm getting calls that he never did it. He's already dating some other girl and we haven't even been divorced for like a month. He was already dating a girl before we were legally divorced, so that's another situation."

However, the beauty guru did credit Floribama Shore for helping her get through the painful split. Fans may recall that during the cast's first dinner, Nilsa revealed that her ex-husband had cheated on her while serving in the military — and after she suffered a miscarriage with what would have been their first child together. "It really did [help]. I never would have taken the time away from social media and seeing my ex doing his own thing and away from TV to really sit and feel the feelings that you need to feel whenever you go through a breakup," she shared.

"I would have never done that if I didn't go on the show, because we didn't have phones or TV," she added. "All we had was each other and it was like a summer-long therapy session for me, because everywhere you looked there was always someone willing to listen — so I'm very grateful." Nilsa also revealed that she is, in fact, seeing a new "barrel-chested freedom fighter," whom she referred to as someone "special." "It's very new and fresh," she said. "It's not official or anything. We haven't even talked about what we are." We're happy to hear that she's doing well!

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