Boy, bye! As viewers saw on the Monday, Dec. 18, episode of Floribama Shore, Candace Rice suffered through a painfully awkward first date with her bar crush Matthew. When the two tried to get to know each other during a not-so-romantic walk on the beach, Matthew admitted that he was a strip club fanatic — a “huge turn-off” for Candace — and made the perplexing announcement that he likes to keep his man parts “trim.”

Candace recently opened up exclusively to Life & Style about her love life — or lack thereof — and revealed that she is completely content without a man. “I’m pretty casually single right now. I’m just kind of casually dating and kind of just seeing what’s out there. You know, times have changed so I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ It’s hard out there!" the Memphis native said, adding that the "love of [her] life" is her precious pet pooch Fifi.

Though her romance with Matthew quickly went down in flames, Candace hasn’t ruled out the possibility of meeting Mr. Right in Panama City Beach, FL. “If you give out good energy and you attract great guys, then yeah, you can find a great guy anywhere. I’ve found great men in the club before!” Candace told Life & Style. “Falling in love at the shore? You can! I think that you can.”

While the aspiring comedian and TV host isn’t too worried about finding someone to “hunch” (the Florida Panhandle’s answer to Jersey’s “smush”), she is keeping her fingers crossed that her roommates Jeremiah Buoni and Nilsa Prowant eventually end up together. Even though Nilsa hooked up with Jeremiah’s brother Josh on Monday night’s episode of the Jersey Shore spinoff, Candace told Life & Style that she believes the brunette beauty and the gym enthusiast would make a beautiful couple.

“It’s possible that it could happen because at the end of the day, Nilsa’s an attractive woman and Jeremiah’s an attractive guy,” she enthused. “So if it happens, it happens! And if it happens, I would like to watch.”

Floribama Shore airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. EST. Watch the video below to see how the cast of the show's predecessor, Jersey Shore, has changed over the years!