Tonight marks episode three of our favorite new reality series, Floribama Shore. And while we love the official Floribama Shore cast lineup, we can’t keep our eyes off Kayla Jo. The spunky Florida native — who entered the fold thanks to her fling with resident hottie Jeremiah Buoni — is pretty much stealing the show at this point. Here, Life & Style rounded up everything you need to know about Miss Kayla.

Nilsa Prowant legit hates Kayla’s guts.

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As viewers saw on Floribama Shore’s Monday, Nov. 27, two-hour series premiere, Nilsa Prowant and Kayla got into it during a heated night out at the club. Kayla made a facial expression and hand gesture that Nilsa interpreted as, “I’m onto you, b—h,” while Kayla insisted that she was simply trying to say she thinks Nilsa’s pretty. (Which, TBH, makes no sense at all.)

Obvi, their conflict began not long after Jeremiah chose to ignore Nilsa’s flirtatious advances, and eventually pursue a romance with Kayla…after a rather awkward date with housemate Kortni Gilson. “I have never seen a girl as thirsty as Kayla Jo. She’s clingy,” Nilsa scoffed during a confessional. “She’s needy.”

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But Codi Butts thinks Nilsa “is just straight-up jealous,” as he explained on the show. “She wants to hunch Jeremiah, but he’s about hunching that girl he brought home” — aka Kayla, who later fumed that Nilsa wouldn’t accept her apology “because she’s a child.” Dra. Ma.

Kortni once threatened to hit Kayla in the head, but now they’re BFFLs.

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Kortni, who is a longtime friend of Nilsa’s, literally threatened to hit Kayla in the head when the ladies’ explosive fight went down at the club. But just days later, after Kayla and Jeremiah’s relationship progressed and Kayla failed at making amends with Nilsa, Kortni inexplicably decided it was cool for her and Kayla to be friends. “I really don’t have a problem with Kayla Jo. At the end of the day, Jeremiah likes her,” Kortni said with a shrug and a smile, seemingly forgetting her loyalty to Nilsa. “So it’s all good in the hood.”

Kayla is a Wiccan.

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After another night of drinking and fighting with Nilsa, Kayla eventually calmed down and decided to share an interesting fact about herself with Kortni, Jeremiah, Gus Smyrnios, and his hookup (we think her name is Ellen?).

“I’m Wiccan, which means that I practice the White Light…It means that you believe in a higher spirit besides God,” Kayla announced, to which her new pals responded with silence and confused faces. However, eternal optimist Kortni later remarked, “Kayla Jo is a modern-day version of a witch. Maybe she can work her little magic on Jeremiah and make him fall in love?”

OK, so Kirk Medas and Candace Rice also aren’t fans of Kayla.

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The next morning, Kayla and Kortni woke everyone up when they started making omelettes for the house — and no one was happy, especially not Kirk Medas (who Kayla erroneously called “Dedrick” and “Derique”). “Why is she here, like, thinking this is, like, her house? Like, waking me up early? Getting my name wrong in my house?” he asked. “It’s too early for this. I’m not a morning person.”

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For her part, Candace Rice couldn’t believe how comfortable Kayla made herself at their seaside rental. “Oh, we got a new roommate?” she asked aloud, before complaining in an interview: “Man, I see Kayla Jo going through the fridge, she opening it like she live here!”

Kayla and Jeremiah apparently got it in — if you know what we mean.

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With no Smush Room for privacy, Kayla and Jeremiah slept together in the hard-bodied hunk’s twin bed — with Gus and his girl hooking up right across the room. “I’m ready to have a little bit of fun in my twin-sized bed, if you know what I mean,” Jeremiah said. “Basically, at this point, I’m having a good time with Kayla Jo while Gus is over here getting kissy-face…Despite all the drama going on the house, we actually pulled it tonight!”

All the drama took a toll on Kayla and Jeremiah’s romance.

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In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Jeremiah revealed that the discord in the house eventually damaged his relationship with Kayla. “Unfortunately, things with Kayla Jo — we’re still talking, but I feel like the whole situation kind of put a damper on things,” he said. “You’re going to have to stay tuned!”

Floribama Shore airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.