It doesn’t sound like he’ll be watching! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Jersey Shore alum Ronnie Magro shared some of his opinions about MTV’s new series, Floribama Shore — and he definitely doesn’t think it will compare to the guidos and guidettes of Seaside.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s a spin-off. I would say that, you know when you go shopping at the supermarket and you have like, the really good brand and the really cheap brand? Like, we’re the really good brand and they’re the store brand. When you go to A&P and it’s like, A&P milk — I’m gonna go with the Horizon. Velveeta mac and cheese or s–t cheese and macaroni? I’m gonna go with the Velveeta. The velveeta is where it’s at, you know?” he joked.

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“It’s whatever. It’s cool, these kids get a chance. Everyone gave us a chance, so let them go out there and do their thing . I’m glad that we can set a platform for other shows. We’ve done it in other countries, whether it’s Spain, freaking Europe, Mexico — you know, it’s everywhere. The fact that we can set a platform and people look up to us and we inspire other people — that’s cool. So, God bless them and best of luck to them, but you never know. We might be back. They’re in there like the substitutes. You know like in football games they just have to do the job. I’m sure that they’ll do a good thing and their best, but we’re still us.”

Life & Style caught up with the Famously Single star in the middle of his campaign to join an upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. “It’s a lot different from Jersey Shore and Famously Single. I was sitting in the audience a couple of weeks ago and Jenni was on there, Nicole was on there, Mike was on there, Frankie Muniz is on there, and I’m friends with all of them. They’ve all said the same thing, it’s all life-changing and opens up so many doors and just being there and seeing — because I’m a fan, I watch the show — so you see people from the beginning of the season to four of five weeks in, how they just shed themselves like snakes. They open up. It’s like therapy almost, and everyone loves a good therapy session!”

Floribama Shore premieres tonight, Nov. 27 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. For more exclusive content, sign up for our Life & Style newsletter!