Now that Jersey Shore is coming back to MTV, perhaps we’ll finally get a definitive answer to the question that’s been plaguing America for the past six years: Who clogged that toilet in Season 3? That wasn’t the only mystery from the debacle, though: MTV kept bleeping out a word during the now-infamous March 2011 episode, and fans couldn’t figure out what the slur was.


In case you missed that shining moment in American television, the Jersey Shore cast members had struggled with a clogged toilet for days (if not weeks) by the time they gave up and called a plumber. That blue-collar saint eventually found the blockage: a tank top for which no one wanted to claim responsibility.

On the MTV after show Jersey Shore: Hook-Up,
Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola gave us the poop — erm, the scoop. “Vinny [Guadagnino] was going to shower, and he brought his clothes, and he put [them] on top of the toilet, and it might have fallen in,” she said. “And Jenni [“JWoww” Farley] told us [that] after he showered, he went to take a s–t, and it fell in the toilet, and then he went to flush it.”


Vinny, however, maintained his innocence. “Jenni is the one making up all these stories,” he said during the after show. “Am I really that stupid that I would do that? It’s my bathroom!”

The cast kept referring to the tank top as a “[bleep] shirt,” and fans had to go online to figure out what was being censored. There were two reigning theories, Alloy reported at the time, and both words are highly offensive Italian slurs.

One thing's for sure, that toilet episode certainly kept the MTV censors busy. But we’re most concerned about that poor plumber. We can only hope he sought therapy after seeing what was in that godforsaken bowl!