According to multiple reports, boxer Floyd Mayweather has been getting cozy with a 19-year-old from England!

The 39-year-old has been spotted with British teenager Raemarni Ball (who also goes by Rmarni Eliss) in both Miami and LA — and she hasn't been shy about sharing pics of the duo on her Instagram account.

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The craziest part of this alleged relationship is that Rmarni supposedly has a boyfriend back home, who's given her his "blessing" to take the overseas vacay, The Sun reports.

And Rmarni's mom, Mandy Ball, told The Sun she's not concerned about her daughter's new companion. “I have spoken to her since she landed, and she says she is having a whale of a time. She’s fine," the 50-year-old told the paper.

Someone who we bet isn't okay with this: Floyd's oldest child, Koraun, who's 16 (aka just three years younger than his dad's alleged hook up).