In a perfect world, we’d speak only in Friends quotes, and own nothing but these kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic Friends fan gift items listed below. Could we be any more excited? Check out these 15 awesome Friends fan gifts for all the Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey-lovers out there to add to their collection of Friends memorabilia.

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1. “How You Doin’?” Doormat

friends doormat

What better way to welcome guests to your home than to ask them ‘How You Doin’?’ by way of a doormat donning Joey Tribbiani’s famous catchphrase?

Where to buy: Amazon, $28.99

2. Friends Diner Wall Clock

friends wallclock

Get a glimpse of your favorite Friends every time you want to check the time with this vinyl record wall clock of the famous six-some in a diner.

Where to buy: Amazon, $25.50

3. Friends-on-a-Beam Fleece Blanket

friends blanket

Get your jammies on, cozy up on the couch with this soft fleece Friends-on-a-beam-above-New-York blanket, and put on all your favorite episodes.

Where to buy: Amazon, $28.50

4. “You’re My Lobster” Mug

friends lobster mug

Friends has taught us so much, not least of which is that lobsters mate for life. So, get this coffee mug for the lobster in your life.

Where to buy: Amazon, $15.99

5. Yellow Peephole Frame Phone Case

friends peephole door frame phone case

That famous yellow peephole frame that Monica and Rachel had on the door of their apartment is recognizable anywhere, and now you can have it on your phone, too!

Where to buy: Amazon, $10.49

6. Gunther’s Central Perk Apron

friends central perk apron

Although he originally didn’t have a speaking part, Gunther soon became a regular on the show and started telling it like it is. You can get Gunther’s Central Perk apron here.

Where to buy: Amazon, $24.99

7. PIVOT Throw Pillowcase

friends pivot pillow

Any true Friends fan will chuckle every time they hear the word “pivot. Now you can have your own Pivot throw pillow and remember Ross’s meltdown on the stairwell.

Where to buy: Amazon, $6.50

8. “I’ll Be There For You” Poster

friends poster

Tell someone close to you just how special they are with a poster of those famous five little words that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Where to buy: Amazon, from $17.99

9. “We Were on a Break!” Hoodie

friends on a break sweatshirt

This is an item for all the “Team Ross” people out there! If you’re a die-hard Ross fan, then this gray 100% cotton hoodie is for you.

Where to buy: Amazon, from $25.99

10. Smelly Cat Tote

friends smelly cat tote

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you… (Sing along now, you know you want to!) Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault…

Where to buy: Amazon, $12.00

11. Rachel Green Bobblehead Action Figurine

friends rachel bobblehead

A collectible item for a display shelf or even your desk, the Rachel Green bobblehead action figurine even has the famous “Rachel” haircut!

Where to buy: Amazon, $79.99

12. Unagi T-Shirt

friends ross unagi tshirt

Unagi. It’s a concept. It’s also a type of sushi, as Rachel so kindly pointed out – much to Ross’s dismay. This t-shirt will have you exchanging smiles with any other Friends fans you bump into.

Where to buy: Amazon, from $22.99

13. Central Perk Women’s T-shirt

friends central perk tshirt

Rachel Green wasn’t a very good waitress but she certainly always looked good when she was working at everyone’s favorite cafe. Buy your very own Central Perk women’s t-shirt here.

Where to buy: Amazon, from $16.26

14. Oversized Coffee Mug

friends central perk oversized mug

Back in the 90’s when Friends first hit our screens, we all rushed out to buy those oversized coffee mugs the six friends used to drink out of. Here’s one you can buy right now!

Where to buy: Amazon, $23.95

15. Friends Candle

friends soy candle

This handmade Friends soy candle is scented with fresh coffee and chocolate… Just what we always imagined Monica and Rachel’s apartment would smell like!

Where to buy: Amazon, $24.98