New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun days of the year, despite the fact that we literally observe the super-fun holiday by counting down the seconds until it’s over! It’s one last chance to go all out before you start chipping away at your New Year’s resolution — even though, let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to start dieting or saving money after a day of serious partying. And now, we’re making it easy to end the year on a seriously high note — by guaranteeing that you’ll be the absolute coolest person at your NYE party!

Most die-hard Friends fans (and, well, even the casual binge-watchers) know that Friends is pretty much synonymous with Thanksgiving — but no one talks about how they also happen to have some of the best New Year’s Eve episodes of all time! Case in point: Season 6 Episode 10 aka “The One With the Routine.” While the episode doesn’t actually take place on NYE (as Ross pedantically pointed out, they actually film the party scenes for Dick Clark’s special for the holiday ahead of time but, “yeah, not a lot of people know that!”), it has still solidified itself as one the greats.

And it’s all because of the eponymous, formally choreographed dance that Monica and Ross made up when they were kids/Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve super fans. In case you need a quick refresher on the episode (even though, don’t lie, you’ve def binged it more times than you can count!), Joey’s dancer roommate Janine invites him to film Dick Clark’s special (aka “Dick’n Rock’n Dickie Eve”). When Monica and Ross totally lose their minds after hearing the news, Janine and Joey invite them to come along to be “party people,” which is awesome because “those guys rock the most!”

Once they’re at the taping, the two begin a never-ending quest to get on one of the platforms where they put the best dancers. Of course, they reveal they have the best possible trick up their sleeves — The Routine, which they made up as kids (and have secretly been practicing). The rest, of course, is what Millennium Moment history is made of!

And we already know what you’re thinking: “All this sounds great, but how can I use this info to end my year on the absolute highest note and be as cool as humanly possible?” Luckily, we’ve got an answer — by doing The Routine at your NYE party, obviously! Can’t dance? No problem! We’ve broken down the moves you need to own the dance floor and — more importantly — the rest of your 2017. Cue the music (“Trouble With Boys” by Loreta), grab your closest friend/sibling, and get ready to dance like it’s 1999! Check out our step-by-step breakdown below!

the routine 1

Step One

Start by facing your partner. Look intensely in to each other’s eyes and prepare for the music. Snapping your fingers to find your rhythm is recommended but definitely not required.

the routine 2

Step Two

Next, pretend to slap your partner. After that, stand one person in front of the other and lean down while dropping the opposite shoulder. As Ross kindly reminds us in this step, facial expressions are everything if you want to get on the platform!

the routine 3

Step Three

After that, have the partner in the back “leapfrog” over the one in the front. Do a “chicken” dance by bending your arms and flapping your “wings” while moving away from one another.

the routine 4

Step Four

Do the wave! After you do the two-person wave — starting from the outside and moving it in towards your partner— bring it back in by grasping one another hands and spinning one partner in and then out again.

the routine 5

Step Five

Stir the pot! Start by just moving your arms in a circular motion, and then spin it around as one partner makes a clockwise spin and the other goes counter-clockwise.

the routine 6

Step Six

With your backs to each other, do what can only be described as a “bad attempt at a moonwalk” and slide backwards, while flailing opppsite arms up and down.

the routine 7

Step Seven

While on opposite sides of the dance floor, shuffle towards your partner and meet in the middle. Once you’re together, kick your left feet together Kid ‘N Play-style. Then, do the “funky chicken” away from your partner.

the routine 8

Step Eight

Then, scoot backwards while throwing your hands up above your head and to the sides by your shoulder while swining your hips.

the routine 9

Step Nine

Finally, get ready for your big finale! Get a running start and jump into your partner’s arms! Stick the landing by pointing your hand that isn’t holding your partner upright (if you’re the lifter) and straight out (if you’re being lifted).

And that’s it! Up next? Work on your New Year’s Resolutions. May we suggest trying something new every single day, learning to play guitar, stopping your constant gossiping, not making fun of your friends, taking more pictures, or piloting a commercial jet?! Happy New Year!