Today, Nov. 2, marks Friends alum David Schwimmer‘s 51st birthday, and to celebrate, we at Life & Style are looking back at his beloved character Ross Geller — who, as fans will recall, was a “medical marvel” after his parents, Judy and Jack, thought they were barren.

In Season 7, Episode 13 (aka The One Where Rosita Dies), we learn that Monica has always felt like her parents love Ross more than her, which is reinforced when her childhood heirlooms are destroyed by a flood after Jack uses them to keep water away from his Porsche. “I suppose we may have favored you unconsciously,” Jack tells Ross, before adding, “You were a medical marvel!”

Though Ross tries to downplay his miracle birth at first, he brings it front and center when his dad gifts Monica the Porsche. “Wait a minute. A couple of stupid boxes get wet and she gets a Porsche?! What about me? I’m a medical marvel!” he screams. Watch the hilarious moment in the clip below:

We can always count on Ross to cause a scene. Scroll down for GIFs showing more of our favorite moments — and happy birthday, David!

The One Where Ross Finds out Rachel Is Pregnant

friends 1

The One Where Ross Is Fine

friends 4

The One Where Ross and Rachel Were on a Break

friends 2

The One Where Ross Can’t Get His Leather Pants Back On

friends 3

The One Where Ross’ Lotion Explodes

friends 6

The One Where Ross Is Pivoting

friends 5