Happy birthday, Matt LeBlanc! The actor behind one of TV’s most adorable sandwich-eaters is celebrating his 50th birthday today, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a countdown of Joey Tribbiani‘s most relatable quotes? After all, the Friends character’s one-liners are truly applicable to most situations in life.

Scroll down for 13 Joey quotes that are pretty much us at all times.

When he didn’t let anyone tell him how to look.


(aka all of us after Thanksgiving dinner.)

When he knew the answer to every problem.


No one told you life was gonna be this way? Have a beer. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke? Have a beer. Your love life’s DOA? You get the idea.

When he knew that sometimes you have to get ~creative~ when your friends take things too far.


Was Joey secretly a genius? We’re not sure.

When he was all of us watching Titanic.


I’m not crying, you’re crying.

When boredom hit hard.


Nowadays we’ve replaced this with binge watching Netflix, but you get the idea.

When he knew to ask the important questions in an emergency.


We’re only here for the free food, sorry not sorry.

When he just tried to help, even though he may have had one or two facts wrong.


Oh Joey, we love you.

When he realized being an adult is not as fun as people say.


Sometimes you have to hide from responsibility in a fort.

When he was really there for his friends.


And sometimes you just gotta pee on your friends’ jellyfish sting, you know?

When he stole his date’s dessert because it looked better than his.


Brownies > Bumble dates.

When he wouldn’t stand for his friends treating him like crap.


Never cross the invisible line!

When he didn’t need negative influences hanging around.


I will eat that pint of ice cream in one sitting, and I will enjoy it thank you very much.

And finally, when he said what we all think when our friends think those fries we ordered are “for the table.”


A motto to live by, truly.

Happy birthday Matt, and thanks again for bringing us the joy that is Joey!