It’s been 13 years since the series finale of Friends, but thanks to Netflix — and endless reruns — Ross, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler are as much a part of our lives as ever… as are their exes!

One of the reasons fans love the NBC sitcom is the string of amazing guest stars, many of whom had memorable turns as a boyfriend/girlfriend to one of the six main characters.

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Scroll down to see what some of our favorites look like now!

Janice (Maggie Wheeler)

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After dating Chandler, then getting dumped by Chandler, then dating him again only to learn that he was moving to Yemen, Janice is the only ex to pop up in every season of the show — and thank gawd she does! Too bad she didn’t actually move in next to Monica and Chandler because we would have loved a spin-off starring those three.

Emily (Helen Baxendale)

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After a whirlwind romance in Season 4, Ross proposed to Emily with a hoop earring. But their marriage was doomed from the start given that he accidentally said Rachel’s name at the altar.

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Richard (Tom Selleck)

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Despite their age difference, Monica fell hard for Richard, and was devastated to discover that he didn’t want children. But even though he ruined Chandler’s proposal, and later told Monica he still loved her, the optometrist couldn’t keep those lovebirds apart.

Charlie (Aisha Tyler)

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Though she hooked up with Joey first, we all knew Charlie would eventually end up with Ross. The two finally got together in Barbados, but she ultimately couldn’t resist the charm of her Nobel Prize-winning ex, Benjamin Hobart.

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Julie (Lauren Tom)

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Ross reconnected with his former grad school classmate on a trip to China, crushing Rachel’s heart. But when it came time for them to get a cat together, Ross kissed Rachel instead, kicking off one of television’s most beloved relationships.

Tag (Eddie Cahill)

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Rachel couldn’t help but hire herself a cute assistant, though she ended up dumping the 24-year-old for being a little too immature.

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Mona (Bonnie Somerville)

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After meeting at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, the pair’s relationship somehow survived Dr. Green calling Mona a “tramp” after hearing about Rachel’s pregnancy. What eventually killed it was Ross lying about Rachel moving in.

Pete (Jon Favreau)

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For the longest time, Monica wasn’t attracted to the millionaire, despite his multiple attempts to date her. But one kiss changed her mind, and they went out until she refused to support his Ultimate Fighting obsession.

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Kathy (Paget Brewster)

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Although she was dating Joey, Chandler couldn’t hide his love for the aspiring actress, kissing her while she was still with his best friend. Joey eventually let the betrayal slide, but Chandler’s jealously led Kathy to cheat with one of her co-stars.

Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden)

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Ross began dating his student after she called him a “hottie” in his teacher evaluation. He even went with Elizabeth to Florida during Spring Break to keep an eye on her, but eventually called things off when he realized the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. She retaliated by throwing a water balloon at his head.

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Paolo (Cosimo Fusco)

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Rachel stumbled on the Italian hunk (literally) during a blackout, and he became her first boyfriend after she left Barry at the altar. But the waitress dumped his behind after he hit on Phoebe while she was giving him a massage.

Kate (Dina Meyer)

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Joey couldn’t stand the snobbish actress at first, but their mutual hatred turned into a passionate love affair, despite the fact that she was dating the director of their play. Their relationship was cut short when Kate got a soap opera role in LA.