What do Steven Tyler, Hilary Swank and AnnaLynne McCord have in common? — They all love French art!

Celebrities are flocking to the Galerie Montaigne in West Hollywood. Owned by Yoni Boutboul, the magical french gallery, which seems to resonate and have synergies with top celebrities and art lovers, was created with the help of his futuristic vision.

Steven Tyler spent close to an hour shopping at the gallery, where he was completely at home while surrounded by unmatchable luxury. Tyler even posed for a picture with the “Egg Chair” and especially loved the celebrity artist portrait collaboration by Boutboul. He commented, “How come I’m not there?!”

AnnaLynne McCord, famously known for her role in Nip/Tuck and 90210, was fascinated by the T-Rex replica’s, in which they collaborated with a paleontologist.

annalynne mccord

Hilary Swank has also been spotted at the Galerie Montaigne with her fiancé, Rubin Torres, and they seemed very much in love and happy together. Torres introduced her to the artist and to the gallery. The couple was thrilled to be there as they are passionate about art.

hilary swank

Yoni Boutboul opened the Galerie Montaigne for artists, dreamers and visionaries. Just as Hollywood is the home for dreamers with no limitations, art also has no boundaries. The gallery was created as a vision to inspire art lovers so they can create their own masterpieces, which will be customized for each individual.

Galerie Montaigne promises they will “make your artistic dreams come true.” The average cost per piece of art is $10,000, but the range goes all the way up to one million dollars. Take a minute to check out Galerie Montaigne on Facebook, Instagram or their official website.