The show must go on! Gigi Hadid did not let something like completely losing a shoe ruin her runway stride. The model had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the Anna Sui show during NYFW— but she handled it like a pro.

Rocking a light pink fringe jacket over a gold sequined dress, Gigi, 22, was the star of the show until her black pump slipped off seemingly due to her pantyhose socks. However, you wouldn’t have noticed from the waist up because the Victoria’s Secret star didn’t miss a beat. Watch the video below to see Gigi lose a shoe on the runway!

Luckily for Gigi, her younger sister Bella Hadid was also walking in the fashion show, so she had a little bit of help at the end, but homegirl really didn’t need it. After the show, Gigi also sent a video message to the designer thanking her for letting her walk her show and for her continued support. This minor fashion faux pas comes just days after Gigi defended her unique runway walk.

“I’m flat-footed, and I pretty much have a forced arch in my foot from playing volleyball my whole life,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “In the last six months, my walk has really improved because I’ve started to learn how to pad my shoes correctly to support my feet. It’s like you learn little tricks, and you focus on those.”

She continued, “I’ve really been working on trying to get better and to learn from every show, so I take it as a learning experience because I always want to do my best. But I think it’s always going to be nerve-racking for me. There’s always a little thing, like the shoes [are tight] or the dress is heavy or whatever, so that’s what you’re focused on, to make sure your walk is going to go well.”

Well, it looks like her hard work paid off. Show those haters, Gigi!