We all expect supermodels to have the latest scoop on what’s cool when it comes to fashion and accessories, but we don’t always expect it to be in our price range. Thankfully for us, bombshell Gigi Hadid has us covered with this adorable woven bag she was spotted carrying in NYC on August 19. And when we say this multicolored beauty is affordable, we really mean cheap, ladies.

Listen, there’s a lot to say about this modern-day-business-babe ‘fit the 24-year-old is sporting but one thing that really stands out about Gigi’s August 19 look is her bag. The rainbow woven tote was made by indie designer Rouge Matilda, who actually specializes in shoes. Her brogue flats are really fun and flashy so it makes sense her bags would follow suit. Aside from Gigi’s choice bag (the “Rita”), there are four other bright styles.

Gigi Hadid

The short-handle tote is perfect when you need some extra space in your bag but still want to be fashion forward — and at $60 (or £50, if you’re an English babe like the founder, Katie Matilda Cary), it’s honestly a style steal. Plus, if the purse is good enough for Gigi’s rotation, it’s good enough for ours.

Also, the bag totally gets an extra up-vote in our book because of the way it was produced. According to the brand’s website, the bags are crafted as part of a government initiative in Mexico that allows Prison inmates to use their time while incarcerated to learn an artisan skill to make goods. The money you pay for each bag goes, in large part, to those crafting the bags and their families. Seriously stylish and humanitarian. That’s what we like, y’all.

Gigi Hadid
Marksman / MEGA

Speaking of the full look, Gigi also rocked the Axiom Chain necklace from Missoma, which is a fun splurge at $214. While we couldn’t ID the exact pieces of the rest of her incredible street ‘fit, we still think it’s actually pretty easy to emulate on a budget. Hit the thrift shop for an oversized white blazer (make sure it has shoulder pads!) and wherever you get your athleisure and workout gear for a good pair of bike shorts. Finish the outfit off with your favorite graphic or band tee, throw on those Nikes (or if you prefer the three stripes, go for it) and get movin’.

Look at you. You’re a regular Gigi Hadid.