There’s only one week left until the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is released (and we spend our entire Black Friday binge-watching TV, instead of shopping). So what can you do leading up to the four-episode mini-series?! Buy all the GG merch, duh!

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From cute party decorations (we’re having all our friends over for an epic evening with Lorelai and Rory) to throw pillows and blankets, these are the items you NEED to have to prepare for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

1. “In Omnia Paratus” Waterproof Shoulder Bag | $25.90.

gilmore girls 1

If you’re heading to a friend’s house to watch the revival, pack your bag full of Pop-Tarts, marshmallows, and junk food. Lorelai would be proud.


2. “Where You Lead” Theme Song Decorative Pillow | $11.80

gilmore girls 10

There’s four episodes in the mini-series and each one is an hour-and-a-half… pillows will definitely be needed for optimal coziness.


3. Cute ‘Gilmore Girls’ T-Shirts | $14

gilmore girls tshirts

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Because you can’t watch new episodes without your GG shirt on!


4. “Oy With the Poodles Already” Mug | $12.95

gilmore girls 6

What’s Gilmore Girls without coffee and clever catch phrases?


5. Stars Hollow Places Poster | $12.99

gilmore girls 5

You better believe fans will be taking photos of themselves watching the revival as soon as it hits Netflix — make your Instagram photo stand out from the rest with this cute poster by the TV (and prepare to get ALL THE LIKES).


6. “It’s a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand” Natural Canvas Tote Bag | $17.99

gilmore girls 8

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When your non-GG loving friends (do they exist?) don’t understand why you’re so excited for Nov. 25, just show them this bag and shrug.


7. ‘Gilmore Girls’ Photo Booth Props | $26

gilmore girls 7

Your Instagram photos are going to be next level with these photo props.


8. Shhh… I’m Binge Watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ Soft Fleece Throw Blanket | $37.99

gilmore girls blanket

Stay cozy and set ground rules with this cute blanket.


9. Luke’s Diner Soy Candle | $13

gilmore girls 2

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With smells of hazelnut coffee and cinnamon pastries, you’ll feel like you’re actually at Luke’s Diner with Lorelai and Rory.


10. ‘Gilmore Girls’ Durable Coin Purse | $17.45

gilmore girls 3

Planning on buying a pizza during the six-hour mini-series? (Any honorary Gilmore girl would!) Keep your cash in this cute purse so the delivery guy knows what’s up.


11. People Are Stupid Today Travel Mug | $14.99

gilmore girls 9

In love with Michel’s cynicism? Then this travel mug is for you!


12.Team Luke/Logan/Dean/Jess Shirts | $19.95

gilmore girls

Support your favorite boyfriend and root him on (Rory reportedly gets a happy ending with someone).


13. Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow 4-Pack of Ice Cream | $36

gilmore girls 4

It’s not a Gilmore Girls night in without ice cream. Ample Hills has their very own GG flavor called ‘They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They?’ Need we say more?


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If you’re still looking for more Gilmore Girls related gifts check out this page at AMAZON!