Lena Dunham sure is quick to forgive and forget.
After radio host Howard Stern insulted the Girls creator and star on his Jan. 7 Sirius radio show–calling her “a little fat girl who kind of looks like Jonah Hill”–she found it in her heart to let it go.
“[You're] extolling the virtues of your particular brand of free speech," she told him when she called his show on Jan. 16. "I'm not that fat, Howard. I'm not super thin, but I'm thin for like, Detroit."
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The 26-year-old, whose show is currently in its second season on HBO, won two Golden Globes for Best Actress and Best TV Series — Comedy/Musical on Jan. 13.
And her mini feud with Howard isn’t the first time the writer, famous for her nude on-screen scenes, has been criticized.

“If I were directing this much vitriol at people who hadn't like committed a war crime, I don't know how I'd sleep,” she’s admitted about cruel comments she’s gotten about her weight. “Sometimes I think, boys were mean to me in high school, so I can take whatever.”

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This time, though, she got the apology she deserved: “The only person I was concerned about is you,” Howard repented to her after his quotes went viral. “I certainly apologize to you…and I do really find your show fantastic."

Luckily for Howard, the comedienne accepted, saying, "I feel good that we got to speak."

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