While Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews are turning up filming the Jersey Shore Family Vacation, their kids are at home having a party of their own! On Feb. 21, Roger shared the most adorably hilarious video of their one-year-old son Greyson wearing his big sister Meilani's pink tutu while she chased him around the house. Watch the video above to see Greyson's first ballet routine and Roger's sweet message!

Fans absolutely loved seeing the special behind-the-scenes moment from the family, and they let them know. "Hysterical! What I love about your family is you keep it real!!" said one supporter. Another agreed, writing, "Yes!! Parenting done right! I love all your posts cause you keep it real and don’t hold anything back! Life is too short we need to enjoy in moments and not worry what others think. Screw them if they don’t like it."

Others couldn't help but share what came to mind seeing the outfit. While it reminded Roger of Ace Ventura, another fan called bubby "the cutest sugar plum fairy I ever did see." "Reminds me of the Little Rascals movie seeing your baby boy in that outfit! Love it!" said another, and one more said, "This is the cutest! Reminds me of the Rock dressed as a ballerina in The Tooth Fairy movie." We were so happy to see nothing but love and positivity in the comments.

Roger also explained why the family chose to use a nanny in the first place, writing, "We have had the honor of having a couple of amazing nannys since our kids were born. Mom and dad both work and OUR choice was to have a nanny help us during working hours instead of daycare." Plenty of fans supported their decision, and expressed how much they would love to nanny for the Mathew's fam!

Roger also mentioned that things are going well between him and Jenni right now. "My wife gets pissed when I hashtag #BlessedLife when we are having a moment. Currently doing good so I think it’s safe," he wrote. We're so glad to hear that the whole family is happy!