You want a hot body? You better work as hard as Gus Kenworthy! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the Olympic freestyle skier, 26, opened up about his training regimen leading up to the Winter Games in South Korea.

According to the hunky athlete, he maintained a good balance breaking a sweat both on and off the snow. “My workout is actually the most intense during the summer and fall getting ready for the season,” he said of his time spent in the gym, revealing that his indoor conditioning sessions started to lessen “once the season started.”

The Colorado resident continued, “I’m on the hill training on the snow, but you don’t want to overdo it. I ski for four to five hours [a day], then head to the gym to do a light workout to stay active. Strength training is during the off-season.”

Of course, the byproduct of Gus’ intense training is his drool-worthy physique — which he has no problem showing off on social media. Asked to share his secret to the perfect thirst trap selfie, the silver medalist joked, “Good lighting, honey.”

But Gus isn’t only dedicated to staying in tip-top shape. The openly gay Olympian — who is competing for the first time since coming out on the cover of ESPN The Magazine in 2015 — is committed to representing the LGBTQ community at this year’s sports spectacle.

gus kenworthy - p&g

(Photo Credit: P&G)

Gus has recently partnered with Head & Shoulders for their Shoulders of Greatness campaign. Naturally, he feels a responsibility to carry the pride of the LGBTQ community on his shoulders, as he explained to Life & Style. “I’m hoping to inspire LGBTQ youth and be someone that they see themselves in and someone they can emulate or look up to. Since the Head & Shoulders commercial came out, I’ve been reading the comments and it shows that I’ve already been doing that for both the younger and older generations,” said Gus. “For the older, it’s people saying they wish this could have been an ad when they were younger.”

“It makes me feel good that Head & Shoulders is doing this groundbreaking campaign. The comments inspire me as well — they pick me up,” he added. “It makes me feel so lucky to see that it’s a different world now than it was for the older generation.”