It looks like Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert are trying to be… erm, friends?

The 46-year-old recently liked her boyfriend's former-wife's tweet – and if that's not weird enough, Gwen isn't even following Blake Shelton's ex on Twitter.

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gwen stefani miranda lambert

Miranda's tweet was dedicated to her grandma, and was an adorable photo of them together with the caption, "Her name embroidered inside is priceless. A family heirloom I will cherish forever. I'm so thankful for her and all the things I have learned from her. Nonny is strong, beautiful, feisty and most of all, loving."

Of course, there's no way to know when Gwen liked the tweet. Since Miranda started following the rocker on Twitter Dec. 28, it's possible that's what prompted Gwen to do a little creeping and press that like button – perhaps as a courtesy.

Miranda doesn't seem phased either way. In fact, she just recently made her rumored relationship with Anderson East Instagram official, sharing the cuddly pic below with the caption, "The snuggle is real…"