So done. Hailey Baldwin shared her thoughts on fans and followers who fixate on her husband, Justin Bieber, and his past relationship with Selena Gomez on social media — and it’s clear she’s over the comparisons.

“You little internet kiddos need to learn how to move on for real,” the 22-year-old model wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story posted on April 25, referring the backlash her 25-year-old hubby received for his browser history. A video of his ex Selena, 26, performing at Coachella 2019 was spotted in the singer’s Instagram Story earlier that day.

“It came up after my wife and I were [watching] my Coachella performance hers played right after mine because it’s in the related thing don’t [sic] glad she did Coachella too it’s great,” he wrote in an Instagram comment screencapped by a fan account. “I have [nothing] to hide I don’t know it was there I didn’t think twice and still don’t [cause] have [nothing] to hide.”

After ripping himself for his shoddy spelling, he continued, “What I meant to say is that video of Selena singing “Taki Taki” came up after my wife and I watched my Coachella performance,” he said. “Obviously she’s gonna be in the related category, it [literally] was the next video that played … to fans and people who think I’m maliciously trying to start shit grow up.”

The video was spotted amongst Justin’s history while he was calling out a headline that alleged his wife was pregnant and about to be a single mom — but some fans had hawk eyes and brought the focus elsewhere.

In a final comment, the Canadian crooner was pretty clear about his feelings towards the narratives about his life that aren’t true. “People have their own fantasys [sic] about how they think my life should go and make up all of these theories and use their imagination too much,” he wrote. “This ends here will never re-engage with this but had to set the record straight once and for all. We are adults [we’re] not playing games. There always gonna be something.”