When Justin Bieber and his supermodel bride, Hailey Baldwin, got married on Sept. 13, fans, friends, and family members of Selena Gomez braced themselves for her downfall. However, at the time, the singer seemed to be taking the news about her longtime ex-boyfriend moving on for good just fine. The 26-year-old even posted that she was the “best I’ve ever been!” on social media in late September.

Now it looks like it was all one big facade. Selena is currently seeking treatment after suffering an emotional breakdown. “She was telling everyone she was OK about Justin and Hailey,” a source close to the star revealed to In Touch magazine, “but deep down she was crushed.”

Selena had been in the hospital monitoring a low white blood cell count, which can be a side effect for patients who’ve had kidney transplants — Selena, who has lupus, had a transplant back in 2017 — when she suffered from a panic attack and decided to seek professional help.

“She’s dealt with anxiety and depression since her teenage years,” the source confessed, “and feels like she’s hit rock bottom. She’s in rehab to conquer her demons.” Friends say it’s worse than anyone knows and that Selena began to unravel shortly after Justin and Hailey wed. “She thought their engagement was just a phase. She never expected him to seal the deal, and when he did, it pushed her over the edge,” said the insider, who adds that Selena believes Justin was seeing Hailey behind her back for years.

Now those close to the “Wolves” singer are hoping rehab will get her back on track before it’s too late. “Thankfully,” said the source, “she seems to realize her health is more important than anything else.” Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. Stay strong, Selena! We’re all rooting for you.