Jay Z’s got 99 problems — and his age could be one!

Controversial radio host Troi Torain [pictured below] claims the 44-year-old rapper (born Dec. 4, 1969) is actually 50 and he knows this because they’re “age mates.”

“I shouldn’t blow this up, maybe because he doesn’t promote it publicly, but Jay Z and I are the same age,” he told a caller on his radio show Star: Live and Direct.

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“I will be 50 on May 3. He’s 43, 42…that’s just media bull****!”

beyonce jay z

If Torain’s claims are true, that means the hip hop mogul is actually 18 years older than Beyonce — wait, make that possibly 15 years older, which is three years older than their reported age difference now.

Confused? Let’s break it down.

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Like her man, Queen Bey (born Sept. 4, 1981) has also been accused of hiding her true age.

Good Morning America host Bianna Golodryga [pictured below] says she went to high school with the former Destiny’s Child star, which means the Drunk In Love songstress would be 35 — not 32 as she claims.

And the plot thickens!

beyonce jay z

We now await someone claiming they have birth certificate proof Blue Ivy was born five years ago instead of two and she’s basically like Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Do you think Bey and Jay are 44 and 32 — or do you think they’ve been lying about their age? Sound off in comments!