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Emma Stone Auditioned for ‘Heroes’ — Plus More Fun Facts Every Fan Should Know!

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since the series finale of Heroes. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to touch up on our trivia knowledge of the NBC series.

Every episode is filled with hidden symbols and blink-and-you-miss it moments — so even the most die-hard fans might need a refresher when it comes to the science fiction drama. For example, did you know that the Earth featured on the series’ logo shows a bright spot off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico?

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According to IMBD, this is the location of the asteroid impact linked to the extinction of dinosaurs and a subtle reference to the evolutionary theme of the show. Mind. Blown.

heroes logo nbc

There are also references to Star Trek, Biblical undertones — and a homage or two to the comic book genre. X-Men co-creator Stan Lee even makes a cameo in Season 1 of Heroes as the driver of a bus Hiro gets on.

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This makes us miss the show even more — and we’re not alone. “All these eclipse photos people have been taking make me think NBC’s Heroes is back,” one fan recently tweeted before another added, “Today I remembered how much I miss NBC’s hit show Heroes.”

For more fun facts every die-hard fan should know, check out the gallery below!