Starting from scratch to finally find your place in the competitive world of entrepreneurship isn’t such an easy feat. Ferrat Destine narrates how he came to the US with almost nothing and started different ventures that failed repeatedly. However, this did not deter him from pushing on until he finally found the right venture for himself. Ferrat Destine is a leading entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of Impress Service LLC. Impress Service is now a top agency company in the cleaning industry. Apart from putting his name in the business circles through the company, Ferrat has also made a name as an author.

Ferrat was born in Haiti and first came to the US for a college education. His entry into the business and finally establishing Impress Service have earned him a lot of achievements. His agency has attained top heights attaining #1 ranking on Google and ranking high in the list of eco-friendly companies. Notably is the integration of the Alexa application into his cleaning service. Furthermore, as an author, Ferrat has been awarded promoter of culture and recognition by Haiti’s Prime Minister for his artistic and cultural work in Haiti. He has also created the first Haitian photo novel.

As noted earlier, Ferrat has encountered challenges in his entrepreneurial journey. He, however, points out that these challenges and the failure of the previous businesses were the driving force for the success of Impress Service. However, he recalls that the main challenge after creating the cleaning agency was getting clients. After each successful cleaning request, he got more clients. He also notes another challenge when dealing with clients: they all have different personalities.

The factor behind Impress Service attaining these achievements can be accredited to the fact that they give the best of themselves when it comes to service providence. The high customer service and connection created with each customer is another factor in this success. A customer treated well will, in turn, refer more customers to the agency. This increases the number of potential clients.

Ferrat’s vision is to help more entrepreneurs start their ventures and grow big. He wants his story to motivate people to learn ways to succeed in business and maintain productivity irrespective of the situation. His story from all his previous setbacks to the top of the field in the earlier years is a true definition of perseverance, persistence, and patience.

Despite all the challenges, Ferrat Destine has managed to steer and forge a name for Impress Service at the industry’s top. Today, Impress Service is the largest cleaning agency in New Jersey. He is determined to expand the company so its services can be enjoyed in other US cities. In addition, he wants to continue the creative journey to increase the company’s eco-friendliness. Join Impress Service in their innovative and eco-friendly cleaning journey by booking them as your cleaning agent. You will enjoy top-notch services and the excellent customer service offered by a highly competitive agency. You can check out Ferrat Destine on social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their services.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian