Article presented by Tom White

Good Ranchers is revolutionizing the way customers access the highest-quality cuts of meat. Not only does Good Ranchers provide their customers with unbeatable prices (especially with their “lock-in price” policy – where customers who sign up for a subscription box will be able to lock in their current prices for the life of their subscription, regardless of how inflation affects the industry), but they also take extra steps to make sure that the meats arrive in pristine condition.

The criteria to select American Farmers sets Good Ranchers’ process apart from the rest of the industry. They have a personal connection with the American Farmers they work with and ensure the quality of every cut meets their Standards of Excellence, but also the land the farm is on is cared for as well. Good Ranchers will never get beef or chicken from a factory-style farm, only a natural environment where the animals are as relaxed as possible. They evaluate how the animals are treated, how they are fed, and look for farms using regenerative farming techniques. This ensures the land is healthy and will be able to continue to raise cattle for generations to come.

Through a combination of vacuum sealing, flash freezing, and shipping in insulated boxes with dry ice, Good Ranchers ensures that all their products remain fresh and flavorful when they arrive conveniently at your doorstep.

Flash freezing is a process in which meat is rapidly cooled to a temperature of -60°C (-76°F) or lower. Good Ranchers says this step of their process happens after aging the beef for 21 days to maximize the flavor and texture while preserving the nutritional value of the meat. Not only does Good Ranchers’ aging process provide steakhouse tenderness, but all their beef receives the grade of Upper Choice or Prime from the USDA. Only the top 10% of beef receives that sought-after stamp of quality.

Once the meats have been frozen, they are then vacuum sealed, which further preserves the freshness and extends shelf life of each cut up to one year in the freezer. Vacuum sealing removes all the oxygen within a package, preventing spoilage due to contact with air, while also creating an impenetrable barrier against bacteria and microorganisms.

This double-barreled approach to freshness means that no matter how far away you live, you can receive your order in a safe condition (with free shipping!).

And, in the spirit of convenience for their customers, Good Ranchers individually wraps each cut of meat.

This is particularly useful for those who may not use large quantities of meat at once, or for those who live alone or in small households. By packing each cut of meat individually, Good Ranchers makes it easy for customers to use only what they need and reduce waste.

In addition to reducing waste, individually wrapped cuts of meat also make it easier for customers to store their meat in the freezer. Instead of having to thaw out an entire package of meat, customers can simply remove a single cut from the freezer and thaw it as needed.

Overall, Good Ranchers is a company that truly cares about the quality and sustainability of its products, equally as much as they care about bringing families back together around the dinner table – which after all, is the place where we truly connect consistently with family and friends.

To learn more about Good Ranchers and place your order, visit their website at and follow them on Instagram: @goodranchers