Congratulations, Brynn Cartelli! The Massachusetts native absolutely dominated the competition on Season 14 of NBC's The Voice — and on Tuesday, May 22 she became the youngest person ever to win the singing competition! Brynn was only 14 when she started on the show and she celebrated her 15th birthday during the season — and her coach Kelly Clarkson once predicted that Brynn would win the whole thing.

"Brynn will be the youngest person ever to win this show," the Grammy Award-winning star said during an episode that aired on April 3. "I didn't say 'could' — I said 'will.'"

In response, Brynn — who has been singing since she was four years old — said, "That's such an honor that she thinks that. I mean, I don't even believe it yet, but we'll see." She continued, "[Kelly's] really able to understand what we're going to feel like and what it's going to be like. She has advice for how to keep control and how to put the best performance out there and show all those sides of my voice within, like, a minute and 50 seconds."

The high school freshman had been performing in coffee shops and local talent shows when the show reached out to her after one of Brynn's YouTube videos caught their attention. "A few months ago I was just a girl on a field and now I'm on this stage," she told "If I get voted into the top 12, it will be mind-blowing."

And she got her wish — which is arguably the best birthday present any teen could ask for. The high schooler earned the most votes on Kelly's team and was the first to move on to the top 12, and she continued to wowed the coaches and the audience every week until she eventually made it into the top 4 and secured the top spot.

But she still remains humble and has advice for other youngters trying to make it in the competitive industry. "Work hard because it's obviously not always going to be easy. It's a really hard industry. Put yourself out there and put videos online because that honestly is what changed my life." #LoveHer. Congrats, girl!