Written in partnership with Thomas Herd

While executive leadership positions have long been controlled by men around the world, key female professionals in the business world are helping pave the way toward more equitable leadership across the global market, injecting a much-needed feminine touch into male-dominated spaces. As the wife of Shoma Group founder Masoud Shojaee, Stephanie Shojaee has helped transform the Miami-based development company into a modern multi-billion dollar empire through her role as Chief Marketing Officer.

With over 10,000 homes constructed and more than $5 billion in real estate transactions accomplished since its foundation in 1988, Shoma Group has hands in just about anything that can be built; and since the addition of Stephanie and her marketing expertise to the company fifteen years back, Shoma Group’s business has been taken to the next level, with revenues increasing by 30 percent under Stephanie’s watchful eye.

Well-known keeping her finger on the pulse of modern trends, Stephanie was able to harness state-of-the-art digital marketing to boost Shoma Group’s success, hiring graphic designers, brainstorming eye-catching ads, and revolutionizing the company’s branding to make the Shoma Group stand out to the cool, young consumer. Stephanie brings this same forward-thinking attitude into her own all-female team at the company, hand-selecting promising young women to join Shoma Group and elevating their career potential in a male-dominated field in the process.

“I want to show women that we can do anything we set our minds to,” said Stephanie.

As renowned as she has become for her industrious work ethic and the long hours she puts in at the office, Stephanie has also gained an international reputation for her personal style and extensive collection of designer pieces, including an enviable range of sought-after Hermes handbags. Embracing her passion for fashion, Stephanie has fostered close relationships with high-end boutiques and gone on to earn front-row seats at fashion shows hosted by Hermes and Christian Dior, and similarly always arrives at the Shoma Group office dressed to the nines.

With a flair for sharing her chic taste to her nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram, Stephanie was soon tapped to become one of only nine U.S. women selected to be an official ambassador of luxury car company Rolls-Royce, breaking barriers along the way as the very first woman of Latina origin to inhabit the role.

“I love seeing campaigns with real women, who truly believe in what they advertise, versus a paid model,” revealed Stephanie about her Rolls-Royce partnership campaign. “I think social media should be a platform used to show more ‘real’ people and less ‘fake.’ We need to make sure that the younger generation is not lost in a bubble.”

Demonstrating by example just how hard work can pay off, Stephanie Shojaee has evolved into a leader on how to balance both professional lives with personal passions for women across the world. As Shoma Group continues to evolve, Stephanie’s forward-thinking approach is expected to keep the company at the forefront of the Miami development scene, with big plans in store for both the company and Stephanie herself in the years to come.