Just because your name isn’t Kim Kardashian doesn’t mean you can’t score a reading with Hollywood’s most sought-after medium, Tyler Henry — it just might be more difficult. The 22-year-old started reading celebrities on his show — Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry — over two years ago and ever since then the demand to talk to him has been high. So high, in fact, that according to an Instagram post shared by Tyler himself in April 2016, his waitlist was 15,000 people long.

So how do you get a reading with Tyler if you refuse to put your name on a waitlist of that length — which has probably grown even longer by now — and you aren’t an A-Lister? Keep scrolling and find out!

Tyler gives away free Skype readings on Twitter.

While a private reading with Tyler might be far-fetched, a Skype reading isn’t! The Hollywood Medium encourages fans to head over to his Twitter account where he gives away free, private Skype sessions. (He hasn’t disclosed how much he charges for an in-person private reading, though.) It’s unclear whether spirit can really make its way through the airwaves of the Internet, but it might be worth a try especially since it’s free of charge.

Tyler will answer your questions on Instagram and Facebook Live.

This isn’t quite a private reading or any reading at all, but if just want some form of contact with Tyler, check out his Facebook and Instagram pages. He does live chats with fans where you can send in a question in hopes that he answers onscreen.

See Tyler live on tour where he will do an interactive Q&A.

The Hollywood Medium is hitting the road for a book tour of sorts. According to his website, he will stop in 17 different cities to discuss his book, 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From the Departed, his gift of communicating with the dead, how it affects his life, and engage in an interactive audience Q&A.

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If none of these options suit you, Tyler still encourages fans to sign up for a private reading even though it might be years before he gets back to you.