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Acne is unrelenting and notoriously difficult to treat. Worse still, unsubstantiated myths, rumors and gossip are ubiquitous, resulting in consumer confusion. That said, with proper products and treatments, acne can be minimized. Here are some great acne remedies according to five top dermatologists!

1) Don’t Over Exfoliate:

Dr. Alison Tam states, “People love to exfoliate their skin because they think it makes them feel cleaner. Well, that can backfire on them pretty quickly. When someone exfoliates either too frequently or too aggressively, their skin creates more sebum (oil) to compensate and that can paradoxically lead to even more acne. So, I tell patients that if choose to exfoliate, only do it twice weekly AND do it gently.” 

2) Try an Acid:

“An over-the-counter glycolic acid wash works wonders for the right acne patient”, says Dr. Amy Spizuoco. “Glycolic acid washes can help loosen up dead skin cells and that can otherwise lead to the three Bs: Blackheads, Blemishes and Breakouts.”

3) Pads Work:

“Many busy people simply can’t find the time to wash multiple times a day, let their face dry, and then apply an array of products, says Dr. Tejas Desai. For these individuals, I strongly recommend Skin Better’s Alpha Ret Exfoliating Peel Pads.”

4) RX Treatments Are Now OTC:

Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson notes that, “Differn gel, once available by prescription-only, is now readily accessible over-the-counter. You have to be patient and consistent, but it absolutely works and is one of my go-to recommendations when someone can’t be seen in a dermatology clinic.” 

5) Big Guns:

“Sometimes, topical treatments just aren’t enough and you have to harness the power of technology,” says Dr. Angie Koriakos. “My personal favorite energy-based device for acne is Clear + Brilliant from Solta. It is nearly painless, you can have the treatment done during your lunch break, and it has minimal downtime. After just a few treatments the appearance of your skin will improve significantly. It’s great for anti-aging, too!”

In closing, acne is multi-etiological. This means that there are many different causes and when there are many different causes, there are many different treatments! So be patient, be diligent and if your acne isn’t better, make an appointment for an in-person examination with a board-certified dermatologist.