Slime is surprisingly all the rage at the moment and if it’s edible slime, well then you have a hit on your hands. Yep, as in a sticky, stretchy, colorful, sometimes even noisy, putty-like substance, you can actually eat. Bear with us here, it’s actually super easy to make and a lot of fun. Soon enough, you’ll be hopping on the DIY slime train and there’s no looking back after that. Watch the video above to see how you can make your edible slime out of starburst that yes, you really can eat.

What is edible slime?

Slime is a legit craze at the moment that basically rose in popularity thanks to kids getting super creative with all their spare time and taking to YouTube and Instagram to show off their slime videos. You can buy this stuff in stores, yes, but sometimes it can be hard to come by so kids decided to take things into their own hands. Seriously, it’s so easy to make your own and some little pioneers have made an actual business out of creating and selling their own slime. Even Honey Boo Boo has gotten in on the action and has an Instagram account dedicated to her blossoming slime empire. She may be the next Kylie Jenner except instead of lip kits, we’re getting glitter slime.


Why is slime so popular?

Basically, it all comes down to the fact that slime is simple, yet fun, and a bit therapeutic, especially for young people.

“What’s changing nowadays is that kids are spending more time with screens, so they are getting an excessive amount of one type of sensory input, which is the smooth rubbing of a finger on a screen or keyboard,” Art therapist Nadia Jenefsky said to Highsnobiety. “Children, in general, are getting less sensory. Slime has come in to take the place of those activities that we are less inclined to do because we don’t want to make a mess or can’t go out in nature as much.”

Basically, it’s pretty soothing and just puts you in a good mood. If that’s a solid enough reason for kids to be obsessed, then count us in. Plus, making your own slime is actually a pretty thriving economy. Take it from Karina Garcia, who has more than seven million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she, you guessed it, makes all different types of slime. The 23-year-old has been crowned the Slime Queen and as she told The New York Times, can make up to $200,000 in one month, thanks to her super popular channel. Not too shabby for some sticky stuff you can eat.

eating slime

We’ll just be here perfecting our homemade glitter slime now.