Good news, folks! Human Barbie, aka Valeria Lukyanova, has come back into our lives after a six-month hiatus — and she’s got killer abs to show for it!

The Ukrainian model, who’s made it her mission to emulate the iconic doll, said she got tired of her flat stomach and wanted to build up muscle to channel an Amazonian warrior instead.

The 29-year-old explained that her new look is inspired by a female soldier in Greek mythology. “She had a beautiful and warlike figure, the body of an Amazon,” Lukyanova shared.

Married to businessman Dmitry Shkrabov, the blonde bombshell has largely remained out of the public eye since October, when she claimed to have been rushed to the hospital after being attacked by two men on Halloween.

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Lukyanova has previously shared how she keeps her unnaturally tiny figure, crediting a strict diet — which includes tiny amounts of raw fish, lots of fresh fruit juice and water. She’s also claimed that every inch of her is natural, except her breasts.

With that being said…

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