Uh-oh, it looks like Rodrigo Alves aka “Human Ken Doll” partied a little too hard in Dubai. While visiting the country, he took it upon himself to invite 50 of his closest friends, celebs, and royals to a dinner in his lavish hotel room. Unfortunately, more than double the number of people he invited showed up (much to the hotel’s disapproval) and he ended up having to be brought in by lifeguards after almost drowning in the sea while swimming intoxicated.

“I was feeling very hot and I couldn’t sleep so I went for a swim in the sea, but because I’d had too much to drink at the party the lifeguards and security brought me back to shore,” he told Daily Mail. “I live my life to the max, I love meeting new people and partying — I don’t care about the money spent because the only thing that I’m taking away from this life will be the experiences I have, the places that I have been and the people that I have met.”

He is definitely enjoying his celebrity lifestyle. While he was in Dubai, he stayed in an expensive suite and even treated himself to a little plastic surgery. “I stayed in Dubai for over a week where I attended various events, had my Botox and fillers topped up, did a few TV shows, shopping and went to tons of parties,” he continued. “I treated myself to the largest suite with a panoramic view of the city and I had a butler who was at my service 24/7 for the three nights that I stayed at the Rixos.”

And we wonder if when he’s back in the United States he will have even more work done. He recently revealed that he is interested in looking like a woman. So, it might be only a matter of time before he goes under the knife again for a drastic surgery.

“The kind of changes I’ll be undergoing from now on won’t be plastic surgery as such but rather procedures that focus on my bones and structure,” he added. “I’m considering removing 6 ribs and I am having a consultation about it while in LA.” So, maybe he’ll be a woman with six fewer ribs? Anything is possible!