It was recently revealed on an episode of Girls that Lena Dunham’s character Hannah is expecting, which got fans wondering: Is the actress pregnant in real life?

The answer is no. In fact, the 30-year-old has been showing off her weight loss in recent weeks, which she credits to Donald Trump winning the presidency. “I’ve been losing tons of weight ever since Trump got elected,” she said during a recent episode of The View. “I drop weight with every move he makes. By the time his whole cabinet gets confirmed, I’ll be down to my goal weight, which is my birth weight.”

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Lena on March 15.

But the Golden Globe winner tends not to dwell on her appearance. “I have been 30 pounds heavier and I’ve been 30 pounds lighter, and it has never had an effect on my ability to find love or connect with people,” she’s said in the past. “What had an effect on my ability to find love or connect with people was never my thighs, it was how I felt about myself…”

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As for her show’s pregnancy storyline, Lena made headlines back in August when she rocked a baby bump on set. Now that the secret is out — as well as the fact that Riz Ahmed’s character is the father — she’s been fascinated by the reaction.

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Lena on the set of Girls.

“I don’t do a lot of Twitter searching — it wouldn’t be a very fruitful exercise for me — so I mostly just get the feedback of my friends,” the writer told Vanity Fair. “So it’s been interesting to have some people be like, ‘I can’t wait until you get that abortion next week,’ and other people were like, ‘This is the most exciting thing, when are you having Riz Ahmed’s baby?’”

She added, “It’s almost an interesting litmus test for where people feel they are in their lives, or what they think is appropriate. It’s interesting to see that keeping a baby is as politicized in many ways, in liberal communities, as aborting a baby. It brings up interesting debates.”