The family that sings together, stays together! Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus raised a musical family and he helped his daughter Miley Cyrus go from a Disney Channel darling to a pop star — but now it's Noah Cyrus' turn. His youngest daughter is stepping out into the spotlight and even though Miley and Noah have similar looks, fans are still questioning if Noah is related to Miley — and the answer is yes!

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The sisters are only six years apart but they definitely have different looks now. Miley, 24, went through her edgy, post-Disney phase already with the release of her 2013 album Bangerz — and she took it to a whole other level with her raunchy 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance where she famously twerked against Robin Thicke in a now-viral pop culture moment. But now that Miley is a little older, she left her wild child days behind and has become a little more reserved — and now Noah is picking back up right where her sister left off.

Noah released her debut album earlier this year and she performed her song “Stay Together” live at the MTV Movie and TV Awards back in May, and now she's attending the VMAs because she's up for Best New Artist award. Her sister Miley is also attending the awards ceremony because her song "Malibu" is up for the Best Pop Song award — and MTV decided it would be best if they seated the sisters together during tonight's event so fans will definitely get a glimpse of some adorable sisterly bonding moments during the show.

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Miley has been a super supportive big sis and last December, Noah revealed the one piece of advice that the former Hannah Montana star gave her before she launched her singing career. “She told me to not look myself up, ever,” she told Billboard at the time. "I’ve turned my comments off on Instagram. I think that was the best thing I could have done right now.”