For Riverdale fans, Wednesdays have become synonymous with murder, sex, and mystery. Or in other words… the hit CW teen drama. That’s why fans are wondering is Riverdale on tonight? Sadly, no — Season 2 episode 14 titled The Hills Have Eyes (creepy) isn’t set to air until March 7. We know what you’re thinking: “I can’t wait that long to see what happens next with Archie Andrews.” Well, neither can we. That’s why we’re going to explain what we can expect once the show returns next month. But first, let’s talk about the surprising plot-twist from episode 13.

Toward the end of the clip above, Archie is on his way to meet the “boss” (Hiram? FBI guy? Black Hood?!). It turns out that the person controlling the reigns of the entire Lodge operation had been Hermoine Lodge all along. The FBI guy was only a pawn to test Archie’s confidence — and since he passed the test, he will now be welcomed into Veronica’s family… for better or for worst (gulp).

“We wanted to make sure that Marisol Nichols [Hermoine], the actor, had great stuff to play,” creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told TVLine. “And we wanted to make sure that Hiram and Hermione were more equals, and that she wasn’t just the gangster’s moll — or like with [The Godfather‘s] Michael Corleone, [his wife played by] Diane Keaton was just at home with the kids. We’ve been trying to build her up as well to be a formidable player in this.”

The upcoming episode follows Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead killing (pun kind of intended) time at the Lodge family lakehouse. While Jughead uses his time away to press Veronica about what she knows about her sometimes-corrupt family business, Cheryl makes a surprising connection with an unlikely friend back in Riverdale.

“When Fred was shot and the Black Hood had his gun on Archie, I think Archie felt powerless and paralyzed… he never wants to feel that way again,” Roberto continued. “And there’s something attractive about the way the Lodges do business, and the way Hiram wields power, that Archie is drawn to. Of course, it’ll put him at odds with his dad, who’s such a great salt-of-the-earth, honorable guy.” Mark your calendars because the drama on Riverdale is just heating getting started.