Summa Cum “Sicko Mode”? On Dec. 3, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scott, took to Twitter to reveal that he’s applying to Harvard (yes, the university) “in a couple of days.” The rapper also noted that he’s “really excited.”

Now given Trav’s lyrical prowess, we have absolutely no doubt that he’s intelligent enough to attend the famed Ivy League institution — we just have no idea why he’d want to go. After all, he’s already living the dream. Why ruin it with an unnecessary amount of homework? Also, when you already have an 8 million dollar net worth, a diploma seems kind of pointless. Just saying.

Naturally, fans of the 26-year-old had some questions and concerns about his new collegiate lifestyle. “You taking classes with Lil Pump?” one fan asked. ICYMI: Lil Pump has a weird obsession with Harvard and pretty much convinced his entire fanbase that he graduated from there when he was just 15 years old. “King, please have someone proofread your application, personal statement, etc., before submitting,” added another. Er, yes, to be fair, Travis’ grammar on social media is pretty deplorable.

That said, colleges are basically just big businesses, right? Right! And what do businesses want most? To make money! Should Travis actually get in, we know he’ll have no problem paying the yearly $46,340 tuition. Oh, that’s without room and board. LOL. With room and board, it comes to a whopping a $67,580, as per the university’s website.

Travis Scott, Harvard Jacket

OK, so he’s solid in the money department. Must be nice, huh? But what are the *actual* odds of Travis taking classes next semester? Hmmm, well, out of the 42,749 students that applied to be in Harvard’s class of 2022… 2,024 were accepted. To put it simply: Travis has a pretty slim chance of making Cambridge, MA, his home. However, there’s still hope for his daughter, Stormi Webster, if she starts taking SAT prep classes next year.