If there’s anyone who can handle a scandal, it’s a YouTuberLogan Paul took to Twitter to address his alleged sex tape leak on December 21 — and he even dragged fellow vlogger James Charles into the mix. The MUA took the opportunity to tip his hat toward his own 2019 scandal, his feud with former friend and fellow beauty blogger Tati Westbrook.

It all started when Logan, 24, caught wind of a supposed sex tape of himself floating around the internet. He took to his Instagram Stories to share a quick video clip of himself reacting to the news. “Twitter right now,” he looked at the camera, shaking his head and covering his mouth. “Hey, Twitter, you brazen.”


He then decided to get on Twitter and address the growing rumors where the majority of people were talking about it — and to try to use it to his advantage, of course. “100k retweets and I’ll release the full sex tape,” he wrote, before adding in separate tweets, “James Charles, [you’re] next. When clickbait turns to d—k bait.”

Though he didn’t actually tag James, 20, in the post, the Morphe partner did, in fact, see the tweet. “Sorry bro, I only go for straight guys,” he teased, adding the grimacing emoji at the end.

Back in late April and early May, the Covergirl spokesperson had a falling out with the Glam Life Guru, 37, over endorsing popular vitamin brand Sugar Bear Hair over Tati’s personal brand, Halo. After a bit of back and forth — and tea being spilt — Tati released a video to her YouTube channel detailing why she didn’t want to stay friends with James.

In the now-deleted vid (you can still find highlights on the internet), the brunette beauty put her former friend on blast for alleged behaviors like trying to convince young straight men that they were gay, or to be with him because he’s a celeb, which she said she found “disgusting” and “manipulative.”

Needless to say, James did rebuttal in his own now-deleted clip, attempting to take responsibility and losing 500,000 subscribers in the process. Shortly after, he released a second video with ~receipts~ where he came down hard in his own defense.

“I have never and would never and will never use my fame, money or power to manipulate or get any sexual action from a guy,” he said in the May 18 vid. “That is disgusting and blows my mind. And the fact that Tati brought this up blow my mind because she knows the real story.”