The one and only Janet Jackson is currently in the midst of her State of the World tour — but fans are worried when it comes to her appearance. The “Nasty” singer’s nose is looking noticeably different and it could be linked to her previous nose jobs.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, who has never treated Janet, believes her nose is collapsing. “It appears that there is some nasal collapse and some retraction of the nostrils,” he told Page Six. “This may be the result of multiple previous surgical procedures that has caused injury to the underlying cartilage support of the nose.”

janet jackson getty

Janet in 2012 vs. 2017.

While the 51-year-old, who welcomed her son Eissa earlier this year, has yet to comment on the reports, she has never been shy about her decision to first alter her nose in her teens. “It’s no secret that when I was 16, I changed my nose. So, I did. Would I do it again? I don’t know,” she told Extra in 2006. “I’ve seen a lot of women that have been pulled and snatched and it’s not too cute. But I’m telling you this now, ask me again in 20 more years.”

A similar situation happened to her older brother Michael Jackson before his untimely death in 2009. His dermatologist Dr. Klein revealed on Larry King Live that he had to completely rebuild the King of Pop’s nose due to extensive surgeries. “I thought he had a nice-looking nose… but it got to the point where it was far too thin. It didn’t look natural to me,” he said. “I rebuilt it, using fillers. He was beginning to look like the nose was normal again. And that’s all I wanted — and to regain the breathing passages of his nose because there was a total collapse of the cartilage.”

We still think Ms. Jackson is flawless.